Can Goals be Dangerous?

by Kyle Paterson

Few people will ever admit this, but goals are the most dangerous things for you to have.

I’m sure you’re thinking that I’ve lost my marbles.

How can goals be dangerous?

Goals will drive you to accomplish more than you could imagine, but here is the elephant in the room.

The wrong goals will sabotage your success because they don’t push you out of your comfort zone.

People are afraid to fail so they end up making goals they know they could accomplish.

This keeps you from pushing yourself to become more.

It’s kind of like failing the 1st grade on purpose because you’re afraid you will fail the 2nd grade.

You have to create goals that will push you, but you need to keep them from becoming delusional.

This is where things can get really messed up.

People often think they can come up with some random goal like making $1 million in 12 months, but they have never made more than $50,000 per year ever.

That’s a wish at best.

Make goals that will push you and back them up with a plan. Use that plan to build upon each goal with a bigger and bigger one.

That’s how goals will work.

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