Libraries & bars

by Kyle Paterson
Almost exactly 16 years ago I was standing in a public library in Horry County staring at rows of business books while trying to stay cool and wondering about my life.  Since my childhood libraries have been my safe escape from the real world, someplace nicer. So it would make sense that I would look for a library as my home away from home.

To me libraries and bars are alike; both places have a mix of people who are looking to escape life, either by drinking or reading.  I was trying to escape my dead end job with the sales territory nobody else wanted.

Imagine if you had to drive 3-4 hours to make one sales presentation and being dead broke in spite of closing sales because you didn’t get paid your commission until months later.

I don’t have to imagine because that was me. My hands were always trembling while calling my wife because I was always wondering why she would stick with me.

Between sales calls I would hang out at the library to stay cool because I couldn’t afford to burn gas unless I was going to a sales call. By random chance or fate I reached to the top shelf and pulled down a book and started reading it.

After the first chapter I had tears running down my cheek, because for the first time I felt like I had a chance to turn my life around. I ended up canceling my next sales appointment so I could spend the rest of the day reading and taking notes.

That’s the day everything changed for me. For the first time in a long time I had hope.

Hope can be a powerful thing. It can lift your spirits when everything around you is falling apart. Hope is about defying the odds when everybody else around you has given up.

Hope is about change.

Hope is what turns average people into heroes.

I left that library with something money can’t buy.

For the first time in my life I created a written list of goals that gave me hope that things could be different. I want to give you that same hope that I had this Thursday at 8PM EST on a special webcast.

Click here to signup for the webinar.

P.S. If you want to know what book I was reading, make sure you are on the webcast to find out.


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