My grandmother’s secret advice

by Kyle Paterson

While growing up I spent summers with my grandparents out in the country. Both my grandparents were retired, but they stayed busy working in the gardens, raising chickens, and involved in church activities. My grandmother always made time to take me fishing at the family pond or at one of the local fishing holes everyday.

When I was 14 I saved my allowance for a couple of months and bought the most expensive fishing gear I could find at the local hardware store. On the other hand my grandmother had this old Zebco 33 that she got with GreenBack stamps that looked like it was on its last leg.

She stood about 5’ tall and weighed maybe 110 pounds soaking wet, yet she could cast a line a country mile. Needless to say she won more than a few fishing tournaments and was a legend around my hometown. It never failed. Strangers would approach us wanting to know what kind of rod and reel she had.

When she told them they would always scratch their heads and walk away. The problem was they were only thinking about tactics. They thought it was about the equipment she had; they never realized it was about the throw. One summer evening while riding home with the windows down I asked her what her secret was.

She laughed and said it’s not the tools you have; anybody can buy tools.

It was learning how to get the most from everything you have and having a strategy. On that ride home she explained her strategy for catching fish in detail. After that I got rid of all the fancy fishing gear. My goal was to learn how to use a Zebco 33 like my grandmother.

Needless to say I have caught more fish with my Zebco 33 than you could imagine. But here is my question for you.

Are you running around life chasing your dreams while using only tactics with no clear strategy…and wondering why you are not getting results?

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